Sunday, March 24, 2013


A new Adventure begin... I just get a new job in Oman,one of Gulf Country near UAE. I am so happy to see another part of the world.. i will share a lot of stuff in Oman because perhaps i will be here for 2 years.
i will share you how was is in Oman and Safari Dessert!!! Yaiy... so much fun... And always remember fashion is not about the price but is all about how to express your own style.
that's my bag ( one of the store in Grand Mall, Muscat)and Ayleen's Shoes ( Charles & Keith )

That's hat traditional Omani for Men

That's Scarft on head is a traditional Omani for Men

That's Hat is a Baddo tribe in Oman, used for women on wedding

from up left is a traditional sewing,traditional swords, baddo tribe mask for women, and Baddo tribe house
my friend Lili try to put on traditional outfit for bride

one of store or place for us that provides safari trip

that's pasminah is a gift from my Lovely Mom

i will introduce u my friend, Ayleen. She choose a good style which is fit her body. Because everybody not have the same body structure. Don't ever follow new model which is not fit into you, eventhough it's look cool on your friends but it doesn't mean fit on you. So, Me, Ayleen and Refani have choose our own clothes which is fit into our own body. Take a Look at Ayleen on this picture below. She simple and Elegan. 

pants ( Zara )

shirt ( Zara )

leather jacket ( express ) 

And now i will introduce you my other friend, Refani. She has a diffrent posture than me and Ayleen. She is tall and this type of skirt that she wear is fit on the tall body. But if your height is about 155 cm, have a big bottom and hips,better you don't use it because u will look shorter and fatter or if you insist to wear it just use black colour of skirt and high hells is a must. Let's take a look at Refani .


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