Thursday, March 14, 2013

Maine, Usa

Is good to share our things to give inspiration for all the people in the world. Most of the young generation think that life is suck. We have to received and always take a good thing of everything what happened eventhough bad thing happen to us. well, first of all i just wanna let u all guys know that my english isn't good enough.. so, sorry for the wrong grammar and spelling ^,^.. ok, back to the topic. In this blog , verna n vivi just wanna share what we found in this world.. We just wanna share a piece of the beautiful in this world. Just, forget about bad things happened because in this world always balance, there are always have bad n good.. so enjoy, and maybe one of u wanna share with us...
well, we love to have make up on us and fashion.. we try to minimize our budget because as we know that fashion is not always about an expensive things that makes u dizzy . Fashion and make up is all about fun. Don't ever think to get  a good expectation from the others, all u have to do is just express your mind. Because we cant get have enough to satisfied the others. 

On 2011 Verna have a chance to go to Maine,USA and spent 4 Months in Bar Harbor. There was so nice place and beautiful. I was not have put much make up on me .. and just a casual outfit in the summer time
see my hand? it just because i was  working  with t-shirt during summer 

i love that pattern of flower, thats belongs to my friends Jessica. ..
when i was sightseeing with Olly's  Trolley we went to Acadia Park

my unique jacket, i bought from a shop in Bar harbor

love this short ( victoria's secret )
At that time i was not really get into the camera because i was shy.. well just be honest until now... :p 

i love that converse shoes which is so clour full  to complete my summer

love pink from Victoria's secret made my mood goes round
almost winter and that time i was on boat of Whale Watching
the backyard

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