Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pramuka Island,Indonesia


Do you know that Indonesia is an Island Country. According  Ministry Republik Of Indonesia on 2004 is Indonesia has 17.504 . Indonesia is rich of nature resource, many beautiful place which is unknown. I would like to discover all those place when i have a chance. Well, now they development some places for turist to visit their island but some of them is undiscovered and not easy to reach the place. 
My sister gave me a number to contact for going to Pramuka Island. The price is quite chedap, all you have to do is gather your friends or family, the more people coming the cheaper price you can get. 

White Sand Island

White Sand Island

Our Dinner , fresh from the fisherman

Pramuka Island Port

i was going there with my friend and boyfriend only and beside Pramuka Island we went also to the White Sand Island which is so quite and nobody living there. 

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