Wednesday, July 31, 2013

my streetstyle " Black White & Gold "

Another day of my day, feel so excited went to buy shoes for work and  accompany my friend to buy sandals. Fresh your mind is very important to find and get a new inspiration. Window shopping is one of my fav things to do. So, when you get bored, just move your body, put on your style on and get ready for window shopping.

This bag is a gift from my Omani's Friend

Love this necklace, i forgot where i bougth it. 

Oman is hot

window shopping in H&M

Window shopping in H&M

Window shopping in Vinci

Window shopping in Aldo

window shopping in Aldo

try on shoes for work

get bored when i they said my shoes number was finished

Feel happy after took a magazine from Aldo

selfie time 

kiss kiss

my owl eyes

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Magic Secret for Your Healty and Beauty

Fashion and Beauty are always related one of each other. Any one can be Fabulous no execption ,that's my Motto. Well, if you care about your Fashion then you have to care of your Beauty. Beautiful from inside is the most important, so that you can live healty and beauty. 
I will share about the Magic Lemon that this tiny yellow things can change and improve your body inside and outside. I know many blog even the expert share about benefit of lemon , so i am just remind you again... :p
 Don't expect the natural homemade remedy can give you the fast result, it will work 15-30 days or if you have so much damage it could be take a long time. Keep it natural and let it become Habbit it will be better for your future healty and beauty.
    First of all i will tell you what is the lemon cointain of, so you know the truth.
 Lemon is cointain :
  •  64% Vit C ( Vit C helps in the build up of collagen, which is reduce wrinkles )
  • 5% Iron ( Vit C and Iron together helps reduce the dark circles under your eyes )
  • 3% Calsium and 1% Zinc ( Zinc and Calsium both help eradicate pimples . Calsium beside good for your bones its good also for clear your skin and remove pimples also reduce wrinkles. )
  • 3% Vit B1, 2% Vit B2, 1% Vit B3, 4% Vit B5, 6% Vit B6, 3% Vit B9 ( Makes your hair shiny ) 
Make your Homemade Remedy without a lot of Cost with " MAGIC LEMON "

  • Healty Drink for Detox  : 2L water + 2 lemon( squezze by yourself ) + a couple of mint ( fresh ) + 1 cucumber = Mix all together, then put in refrigerator. You can drink it one glass or 2 per day.Do it as your habbit.
  • Dark underarms and Elbows : Cut a lemon into two half and rub it thoroughly as a scrub into your dark elbows and underarms. The citric acid in the lemon helps to kill the bacteria. Regular application of lemon lightens the skin color. 
  • Lighter Your Body : Cut a Lemon into two halft and rub it all over your body before taking a bath and wait for about 15 minutes, after that rinse with warm water and take a shower as ussual.
  • Healing Dandruff :  take an egg white and mix it with the lemon juice. Apply this mix to your scalp thoroughly and rub it intensely in the scalp. Leave it on your hair for at least an hour and then shampoo your hair with warm water. Apply the egg white and lemon mix for four to five times in a month . You can apply lemon juice directly on your scalp. Take half lemon and start rubbing on scalp and leave for 10 min then wash your hairs, repeat this every 20 days.
  • Face : Lemon is rich in enzymes, sugar, and fruit acids that aid to eradicate dead cells from the skin. Take a slice of lemon and rub it directly. The lemon will act as a great tonic for the skin, and will tone and refresh your skin . Using lemon on face is the quickest way to get a natural glow. Lemon when combined with other vegetables and fruits has a potent effect on the skin. For a younger looking and fairer skin, just combine lime juice with cucumber juice and sprinkle some turmeric powder. Apply on your face and leave it for half an hour before washing it off.
  • Scars : Lemon juice when mixed with cucumber juice can really aid in removing scars. Make an equal amount mix of lemon and cucumber juice and apply it on your face thoroughly. Leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes for drying and wash with water and pat dry. Do this at least 2 to 3 weeks to get rid of the scars.
  • Strong Nails : To have strong, shiny and bright fingernails soak your fingernails in lemon juice for about 10 minutes. Then brush them properly with a nail brush dipped in a mixture of 1/2 white vinegar and 1/2 warm water then  rinse your hands with warm water. 
  • Oily Hair : Make a lemon hair rinse by mixing juice of two lemons with a quart of water. Rinse your hair thoroughly with this mix to reduce oils from your oily hair.
  • Hair Loss and Growing Hair : Make a mix of one lemon juice by adding four tablespoons of coconut milk to it. Apply this mix to the scalp once a week. I bet you will definitely experience drop off in your hair loss.    
I do that for my face, body and masker also i drink that mix lemon with cucumber and mint. Really works, i used to have  a problem with my digest and now it's getting better. So, no need pay a lot of money for healthy. You are What You Eat.

Anyone Can Be Fabulous No Execption!


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Black on Black

Black on Black

Pull Bear maxi skirt
$40 -


Suede booties

Bright eyeshadow
$23 -

Polaroid beauty product

Qasser Al-Alam Palace

Today I went to Qasser Al-Alam enjoy my day off and i have taken some pictures there. Feel so good even only for sightseeing. But it works to refresh your mind. No need spent a lot of money to be happy, Just explore surrround you then enjoy it. Live your Life, throw your sadness,madness and loneliness. Cheer up!!!

Love this Lamp, feel like want to bring this back home

Old Fort, nowdays use for Put the wire Signal

Those two are my friends, i was afraid near because there were security

Hope you enjoy my travel to this Palace, even not open for public. But i really enjoy the architecture of the building, lamp and the garden. If you have nothing to do, just get up and enjoy surround you. And don't ever tired of exploring, even for a small details just take a picture to memorize it. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

My Secret Clear Face

My type of skin is normal , a liitle bit of oil but i have quite many pimples. And i love to do makeup. So i prefer to have a cleansing milk that is multipurpose. I found Nivea that really easy to find in drugstrore and nearest market around your neighborhood. Well, Nivea cleansing milk can remove your makeup even waterproof mascara , so that i don't have to buy another makeup remover.

During my Day Off i always do peeling and masker my face once a week but for taking out my pimples i do it once a month. I have to do my facial Once a month because my pimples is inside the skin ,so that i have to take it out my needles. Okay , sounds creepy but i do it by myself like almost 2 years , because i have to abroad for work. Then i choose to save money and do it facial by my own. Before i did facial with my Mom's Friend since i was like 14 years old  , she is a nurse in facial treatment. So, i learned for details of facial by my own experiance and would like to share with everyone.

This time i will only show you how to do peeling once a week, related on my pimples that not yet ready to take out . I just wanna share that if you want to facial your face, you have to know the condition of your own pimples. If still red and very hurt ,don't try to take it out, because your skin can get irritated and u can have more pimples, based on my experince of facial myself :p

1. Clear your face with cleansing milk 
this step you can also massage your face with lift up motion, try not to massage in circulation but lift your face. So that you do your own face lift. This massage can keep your face look young . 
NB : After Massage your Face. Clear your face slowly with cotton, so that not hurt your skin.


2. Put peeling on your face. 
I use Peeling Mundisari Mustika Ratu that have a small scrub and this small scrub fit for face that have many pimples so this small scrub can't hurt your pimples. But who have very tick dirt on your face just try Peeling Mustika Ratu from shell this product is manufactured from Indonesia, i use this because i feel this is so awesome peeling product that have scrub and your face really can be clear and smooth. I am not being so exagerate but i really do love this product . Usually other peeling product don't have scrub and that's for me not really can clean my face.
NB : Put your peeling all over your face and wait for about 10 minutes

3.After 10 minutes Massage again your face and clear all peeling scrub in round motion 
As you see picture below , that are the pieces dirt from my peeling scrub.
dirt scrub peeling, my face so dirty :p

after remove the peeling, so good when you scrub , i feel so clean

4. I use Gold Exfloliator Gel ,by Hitomi
I use this for deep clean my face. 
NB : clean your face from peeling with water, Then use this exfoliator gel all over your wet face. Then massage, This gold exfoliator gel will remove dirt on your face, massage until the dirt peel off from your face.

see in detail there is a piece of gold 

5. Wash Your Face
After you using exfoliator, then rinse your face with water. Take small amount of soap and wash your face in round motion . I am using Gold Foaming Wash , by Hitomi

see in detail there is a piece of gold

after wash my face, my face feel so relax and clean

And after all the step , i feel my face so relax and smooth. Just remember that the peeling is better use Once or Twice a week.

Gold is a good material for cleaning the face. Because reasearch proved that the bacteria didn't come near to the gold and diamond. That's why nowdays people using skin care from the material Gold or Diamond for keep the face clean

Well, today i just show you how to do peeling that better do Once or Twice in a week. Next time i will show you complete How to do Facial at  Home in Safety way that better to do it Once a month 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Al Sifah, Oman

I had chance to visit Al Sifah, Oman and visit  Jebel Sifah. And love this place. The beach is so wonderful and of course so hot out there.
Top : Splash , Short : Garage , Bracelet on foot : my own collection , Necklace : Splash