Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Qasser Al-Alam Palace

Today I went to Qasser Al-Alam enjoy my day off and i have taken some pictures there. Feel so good even only for sightseeing. But it works to refresh your mind. No need spent a lot of money to be happy, Just explore surrround you then enjoy it. Live your Life, throw your sadness,madness and loneliness. Cheer up!!!

Love this Lamp, feel like want to bring this back home

Old Fort, nowdays use for Put the wire Signal

Those two are my friends, i was afraid near because there were security

Hope you enjoy my travel to this Palace, even not open for public. But i really enjoy the architecture of the building, lamp and the garden. If you have nothing to do, just get up and enjoy surround you. And don't ever tired of exploring, even for a small details just take a picture to memorize it. 


  1. This is the palace of his majesty Sultan of Oman, u can't go this close to a palace except in Oman! Country of freedom and peace..

    1. Thank you for adding the information about this place...very helpful...

  2. Love your blog Verna, hope to see some more travels and exciting stories on it ;)

  3. great photos! being far away from home s not easy, sometimes I would like to havemagic lamp too:-)


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