Monday, August 12, 2013

The Wave

The Wave is the name of Residence, located in Al Seeb,usually the people who lived here is the people from Europe who have bussiness in Oman. I just visit for sightseeing and it's late post. Hahaha... see my hair still long.
This Picture i was just bought a discount sweater from H&M. I love discount... as i told you, that if you wanna be fashionable it doesn't need to be high cost! i feel like wanna go back home to Indonesia, to mix and match my old stuff and recycle it. Before work aboard like this, i like to DIY some of my old clothes,but now i  don't have time. And i hope i will back home soon and play with my clothes collection which is not expensive.For me,If you can make something ordinary become extraordinary that is call swag!no need to be expensive.Well, even i am not creative enough but at least i have eager to learn.

I wasn't took many picture because it was so hot. So i just selfie and then before i went out i try some nail polish that i just bought from H&M. Gliterry and pretty cute, but honestly i can't use it because i wasn't good enough to put on nail polish, it was so messy and complicated for me even only basic colour.