Sunday, October 27, 2013

Rockin' Red

Another trip another fun. I was have a long day off about a week then i decide to go camping to the Sham Mountain,Located in Oman . Love this place and all the Mountain stone are just in the flinstone cartoon.  That's my camp above as you can see the very beautiful sunset. I spent about 3 hours on the road from Muscat, Capital City of Oman. And as i heard that suprisingly sometimes have snow coming about January , well let's see on January, A Snow in the Middle east??? i will share for you guys, how it gonna be if i am lucky enough next January have a snow, we don't know yet.
well, i should take a lot of picture of the scenery but we were in rush because we have to be in a camp before sunset

Red Banie : Forever 21
Leather jacket : Esprit
squere pattern skirt : Forever 21
shoes : Guess

i'll see you in another post... keep stay tune on my blog... let's share our look from our beautiful journey... 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Batik and Tumpeng

Alright, i know it has been a long time about 2 months i didn't post anything. Well, there were a problem with my netbook. Well, i used to post Indonesian Independence Day which is held on 17 Augst.
Because i am outside my country , so i have to celebrated in Indonesia Embassy, Muscat in Oman ( one of Gulf Country in the Middle East )
Hope all of you don't mind about my post because it's so late. :)

we call it "Tumpengan "
This Tumpengan we only make it if there are special occasion, for example : Birthday, celebrate a new house, celebrate baby born, etc. That yellow mountain is made from rice with coconut milk with a natural colouring from Turmeric. And for all side, we put Indonesian fried chicken, Tempe orek ( high protein made from soya beans  ) , sambal petai ( ), dendeng ( ) , shrimp, egg, and you can put anykind of Indonesian traditional food. It has a nice plating and also the taste is yummy... Indonesian Like spicy food. So,guys when you go to Indonesian just make sure if you can't take it the taste of spicy better you have to always say "no spicy  ( In bahasa :  Jangan Pedes )"
That's on the top is my Country Flag..Red and White 

Miss this food, i took it from Tumpengan
Uduk Rice 

Urap, made from sprinkle fry coconut and mix vegetable

Indonesian Mess Potatoes " Perkedel "

Indonesia's Fried chiken ,this have to boiled the chicken in the special ingredients,then u fry it

Sambel ati ( chilli liver ) this one is my FAV ever!!!
Alright Now i will show you what i wear in The Independence Day, i will show you Batik ( Indonesian's Pattern ) ORIGINAL FROM INDONESIA . My friends wear  BATIK . I don't bring my Batik because i thought before i didn't go to the embassy.

Thats is "Batik " on your Left side and Kebaya on your right side is " Kebaya "

That's Umbrella are Bali Style. This is Our Ambassador in Oman

Which are my friends who wearing Batik ??? Guess

Shoes " Zara " Pants " H&M " Top "Forever 21 "

I Love this Pattern