Sunday, October 27, 2013

Rockin' Red

Another trip another fun. I was have a long day off about a week then i decide to go camping to the Sham Mountain,Located in Oman . Love this place and all the Mountain stone are just in the flinstone cartoon.  That's my camp above as you can see the very beautiful sunset. I spent about 3 hours on the road from Muscat, Capital City of Oman. And as i heard that suprisingly sometimes have snow coming about January , well let's see on January, A Snow in the Middle east??? i will share for you guys, how it gonna be if i am lucky enough next January have a snow, we don't know yet.
well, i should take a lot of picture of the scenery but we were in rush because we have to be in a camp before sunset

Red Banie : Forever 21
Leather jacket : Esprit
squere pattern skirt : Forever 21
shoes : Guess

i'll see you in another post... keep stay tune on my blog... let's share our look from our beautiful journey... 


  1. I love how you mixed different patterns together. Great style!!!!

  2. thanks for youre comment in my blog. I want you know I really appreciate that.
    youre nice

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  3. Hey, I have nominated you to take part in the Liebster Award, it's a little Q and A to help share new blogs with under 200 followers on bloglovin'.
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    Looking forward to seeing your answers :)

  4. Wow, the scenery's gorgeous, I love the views!!! I've been to Jordan a few years ago and Oman's been on my list ever since - seeing these photos made me want to go even more. And I hope it snows, that would be really cool, wouldn't it??:)

    P.S.: Cool outfit, babe, I really like it, especially those ripped jeans!

    1. u have to visit all nature and contact me when u will be here...

  5. Great outfit ,cool and relax! ripped jeans so trendy!

  6. Hi lovely,
    I totally love these pictures!!Very inspirational
    Do u want to follow each other in Instagram? I'm @chicstreetchoc


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