Monday, April 14, 2014

Orange Blossom

After this post i will be back after 2 weeks, i am off to take my Holiday and i will suprise you later. Well, this post i wanna  show you about my dress collection that i bought in my favorite shop in Muscat,Oman named Matalan. Love all the stuff that they sell, they have an affordable price sometimes when discount. My dress this i bought for about $14 or OMR 7  and the necklace from Forever 21 is only $2 or OMR1 discount ... The fabric is strecth and comfortable. When i was about to take photo shoots i wasn't bring my powder and foundation :( i forgot!!! at the end i just use my concealer ,so that my make up look not really good,ignore my face. And i was in hurry because a lot of things to do at that day, finally i could catched up the sun... I was very difficult to stand right because of my high hells going down into the sand....hahaha...  i was struggle to get a good pictures, it was fun.

little blur because i almost fell down, it was not easy to stand on the sand

see my silly face tried to hold to stand in high heels with the sand

Hopp...Hoppla.... keep struggle from my high heels

only concealer as a base because i forgot my powder n foundation :(

love this dress because in front as you can see it short and little bit longer at the back

Dress : Matalan
Necklace : Forever 21
Shoes : Zara 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Obey YourSelf

Life is about Happiness... You will never find your happiness except you create your own. Do whatever you wanna as young as you are cause maybe you will never can do that when you getting old. Don't wait until you have enough money or wait until you get rich. Just do it now,wear it now, don't waist your time, cause every single second is precious that can bring you into your own path.
Obey your heart....

Legging is one of my private collection , shoes is from TJmaxx by Guess and i bought about $10 it was discount

Forever 21 Big shirt i bought when it discount only $2 

Everybody are not perfect,i have a double joint hands and i can bend my hand which is so weird but i am not shy,this is the way i am.Be yourself,Appreciate who you are.

this "obey" bennie i bought from one online store in Indonesia the price is about $5 ,sooo cheap...i love to find a cheap price but look high quality product

Esprit Leather Jacket

the triplet rings i made by myself , bracelet initial "F" is from my friend he gave me, the punk bracelete i forgot i bought where cause it's one of my collection

Discount Necklace from H&M,i bought $2