Thursday, March 27, 2014

Purple Shadow

It's been a long time since the last Post. I think i've been vanish cause of my busy duty hours...Well,on my day off a few days ago,i spent my time for relax in a small garden, feel the breeze upon my face and enjoy how beautiful the sunshine....

Red Tag,i bought this dress when it discount is about $6

My shoes is RnB and so cheap it's only $14 

lovely gift from my co-worker on Last X-mast

Well, i just wanna share with you all Lady whatever you wearing just be yourself and confidence. Our Outfit is as an identity who we are. If you like to change style just go head, don't be shy. Sometimes you can be boyish,sometimes you can be so cute and all style is way to express our mood and emotion. Fashion is not about to show how rich are you or how many famous brand that you have.But Fashion is about ART, to express our feeling,mood and everything we feel inside of us. Don't be shy if someone ask is that original or no, just said "is that matter for you, i wear what i feel " Well, i just want to share with all ladys about what i feel for fashion.
In fact some of the high brand have a high quality but just buy whatever is fit on your budget. You can be Gorgeous in many ways. Most of my clothes now maybe not what i expect because i have a lot of clothes from thrift shop in Indonesia and i left it home .Currently during my Work i have to stay in Muscat,Oman which is i haven't find the local thrift shop and i still struggling to find it!!!! Cause Fashion is all about what we feel about...
Comment Below,Ladys to share about what is exactly Fashion...