Monday, May 23, 2016



It's been 3 years ... since i off my blogging time . Quite a long time isn't it ... yes indeed. 
Well , this a couple of years i was looking for a real me . I mean i think i've been in a very hard condition and now in a couple of months i knew what i want for real . To create my own Happiness...

Alright then now i wanna know discuss about Nude colour that lately i really so interest on 
beside purple and i was Collect a couple of items which is NUDE colour 

well... this picture above when i was thinking what should i do for my future carrier and the decision is made from that moment ... lovely right how a cup of coffee can realise your stress

that is a couple of my Items which is awesome NUDE. How lovely right. Calm colour and it's not tacky. That are wallet ( Pedro ) Nail Polish ( Rimmel ) Lip Liner ( essence ) Hair clip ( New Look ) Shoe ( Red Tag )

so comfort wearing those shoe even only for $6 cost, Brand Red Tag

so, tell me your opinion about NUDE colour . Let's share our Favourite colour for wearing this summer