Monday, May 23, 2016



It's been 3 years ... since i off my blogging time . Quite a long time isn't it ... yes indeed. 
Well , this a couple of years i was looking for a real me . I mean i think i've been in a very hard condition and now in a couple of months i knew what i want for real . To create my own Happiness...

Alright then now i wanna know discuss about Nude colour that lately i really so interest on 
beside purple and i was Collect a couple of items which is NUDE colour 

well... this picture above when i was thinking what should i do for my future carrier and the decision is made from that moment ... lovely right how a cup of coffee can realise your stress

that is a couple of my Items which is awesome NUDE. How lovely right. Calm colour and it's not tacky. That are wallet ( Pedro ) Nail Polish ( Rimmel ) Lip Liner ( essence ) Hair clip ( New Look ) Shoe ( Red Tag )

so comfort wearing those shoe even only for $6 cost, Brand Red Tag

so, tell me your opinion about NUDE colour . Let's share our Favourite colour for wearing this summer


  1. I love nude, this is so tender and feminine color! ;)

  2. Love the nude items you picked up. It is a great neutral!

  3. Hi dear! Such a lovely content btw!
    Well, here's my opinion :
    I'm not really into nude but I think this colour is really sweet, especially for this hot season. This colour is actually good for outfits or maybe accessories, but when it comes to footwear, it's best to wear the colour with leather kind of material because it will last long, probably you can chose a stiletto to give a sexier look (additional and depends with your taste and personality btw). I can say that this colour is not really good, especially for footwear that has a fabric material (except leather) since we live in Indonesia. It's really hard to clean and also takes long time do it..



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